Locating a National Collection - Software

It was realised at an early stage of the project that the availability of software tools that would be simple both to implement and to use is a fundamental requirement for heritage organisations wishing to provide visualisations and rich-linking of their geospatial data.

  • The first requirement - a general-purpose mapping tool - has been met by the major re-development of Peripleo.
  • Development of Peripleo led to the understanding that no pre-existing standard data model meets fully the project’s requirements of flexibility and extensibility. This led to a series of proposals for the extension of Linked Places Format (LPF), itself an extension and amalgamation of established standards such as GeoJSON.
  • The final part of the jigsaw is Locolligo, a newly-conceived software tool which has two main functions:
    1. The conversion to LPF of simple delimited-text data such as ‘comma-separated values’ (CSV), familiar to users of spreadsheet software.
    2. The embedded linking of LPF datasets to other web resources.

Please follow the links to discover more about these tools and the developing data model.